About Me

My name is John Schneider and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern. As a therapist I incorporate  my traits of curiosity, hopefulness, patience, respect, and an interest in understanding. I have a passion for meaningful conversations and learning about the unique set of personal qualities and life circumstances people have.

I received a Masters in Counseling from Sonoma State University. My professional experience includes working with a diverse set of people that range in age from children to seniors.  The concerns of those I have worked with are also diverse and include anxiety, depression, parenting, relationships, addiction, and life transitions among others.  This work has been done in individual, couples, and family therapy.  I have worked at counseling organizations and residential treatment centers throughout Sonoma County and currently work at SOS Counseling.


John Schneider, MFT Registered Intern #71586. I am supervised by Tom Newell (MFT #24309).