There are numerous motives people have to pursue therapy. Often times it can involve a recent troubling event, dissatisfaction with life, a desire to talk with a third-party, or concerns arising from relationships (family, friends, lovers).  The choice to seek help is often  the first step towards change. Personal therapy can facilitate this process by creating a unique atmosphere that involves openness and caring with a trained professional.  In this environment, you can start to feel inspired and motivated to make improvements in your life. The positive changes I have seen in those I have helped has been a great source of fulfillment.

My name is John Schneider, and I offer therapy in Petaluma, California.  As you are evaluating where to go, it may be helpful to know what my approach looks like.  While in therapy with me, I will try to best understand you and your concerns without judgement. The sessions are collaborative and involve working towards an improved life.  As a therapist, I will strive to bolster awareness, respect your autonomy, and encourage a satisfying life. You can expect me to explore your perspective while also sharing my own.

Thank you for taking an interest in my services. I offer a free consultation in which I can address any concerns or questions you may have.


Picture provided by Rob Lee.